Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review: Life of Pi

Life of Pi is another highly anticipated release. A retelling of the classic tale for the 21st century in 3D glory to really bring the fantastical scenes described in the book to life.

For those that don't know Life of Pi is the story of a boy named Pi from India who grows up in a zoo. All is well despite some religious and personal spiritual quandary, until his father decides to move their zoo from their home in India to Canada. The family pack up the zoo and begin their trip to India on Japanese ship, however in a large storm their ship is sunk with Pi being the only survivor. Luckily he manages to cling aboard a life boat however the zoo's star attraction, a tiger named Richard Parker, also finds safety on the life boat.

Pi learns he is sharing the boat with Richard Parker
 Taking the boat territory as his own Richard Parker and Pi live alongside one another with Richard Parker in the boat and Pi on a makeshift raft he fashions with the supplies from the lifeboat.

The initial standoff between the pair

Together they are open to the elements and after an epic journey they eventually make it to the shore where they part ways.

When it seems like all hope is lost
The story of survival itself I thought was of course very moving. It was spiritual and had lots of deeper meaning to it however as the film is an adaptation of a book so Ang Lee can't really take the credit for that.

The Indian scenery is stunning
However what I did find fantastic was the scenery, especially in India which look stunning and vibrant. The director of photography, Claudio Miranda, will undoubtedly be credited when award season next comes around. I also really enjoyed the spirituality of the whole story looking at different religions and cultures from all over the world.

The story also has an enjoyable thought provoking twist at the end where we learn the true meaning of the journey.

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  1. Life of Pi looks so good. Me and my partner are thinking about going to see this soon.


    1. Definitely see it if not for the hype alone!


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