Friday, 21 December 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is essentially, for those that don't know, a show put on by the brand to promote their sales for Christmas.

The show is divided into different themed sections and some of the famous Victoria's Secret models, known as Angles walk the runway whilst singers perform around them. This year, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Rihanna were the head line acts. 

What's special about the show is the outfits the models wear themselves. Rather than being the same as what you can buy in store the outfits are hand crafted couture creations often bedazzled with diamonds and crystals.

Below are some of my favourite outfits from the show:

Whilst the concept of models parading around in their underwear to be ogled at by men and women alike doesn't necessarily seem like a concept that I would really encourage. Whilst the whole concept is very American, big, bold and commercialised I personally find the whole spectacle more of a show of craftsmanship and harmless fun.

Despite the models clearly unobtainable bodies which are unbelievably tall yet unbelievably slim I really don't think that their presence should be considered damaging to any young girls who might decide they want to emulate them. As in this context they seem to look so other worldly (they are called Angels) that no one sane would try to diet or exercise enough to look like them.

Did anyone else watch this and what did you think?

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