Thursday, 10 January 2013

Blog Pet Peeves

With the aim of ranting a bit about the types of blogs I do and don't like I have decided to list out my most liked and disliked blog characteristics. To see if anyone agrees with me and to encourage you to let me know what you do and don't like to see and read.

So let's start with the positive

  • A good design - I like it when the blog design is simple and not too busy with loud clashing florals.
  • Big unique pictures - So much better than small pictures taken from Google
  • Reviews of things that you don't see very often - how many reviews of the UD Naked Palette do I need to see?
  • When someone reviews make up and shows how it looks on their face as well as in the packaging - especially with mascara it's nice to see what it looks like on.
  • A bit superficial but I really like seeing pictures of pets included in blog posts. Especially cute puppies :)
  • Interesting book reviews - I'm looking for new books to read and find it hard to choose something off the shelf so these are really useful.
  • Creative posts - things bloggers have made, arty and crafty stuff.

  • Stock Images
  • When the design doesn't work - especially when images overlap into the side bars and you're using a plain blogger template.
  • Huge site takeovers sponsored by advertisers
  • Masses of posts dedicated to your boyfriend - weekends away with your boyfriend, all the presents from your boyfriend, uneventful evenings out with your boyfriend. No.
  • Difficult captas when you want to leave a comment
  • Empties posts - you're basically showing me your rubbish and it's always shower gel or something unexciting like that
  • Bath bomb reviews - Are they really all that different? And has there ever been one that hasn't smelt pleasant?
  • Posts about blogger's large new homes - I'm currently struggling to find an affordable to flat to rent in London so seeing the massive (comparatively) house a northern blogger has just bought with her loved one stings the nostrils a bit.
Do you agree with my likes and dislikes and what kind of blogs/posts do you like to see?

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  1. I have just discovered my blog pet peeve - captcha (which I hate at the best of times) followed by comment approval!! On a blog with 30 followers! Gahhhh! What is the bloody point in that!!??!! Sorry rant over lol

    Jenni x

    1. I know. Especially annoying when you're trying to type in the captcha and auto correct tries to help you!

  2. I agree with everything you've written, especially regarding simple blog designs. I can't concentrate the content when there's too much going on - if that makes sense.

    1. Yes. It's nice when it's been customized a bit but sometimes it goes too far!

  3. i totally agree! I recently started a blog with the aim of showing what makeup looks like on, and trialing new skin care with pictures so people dont just have to take my word for it- they can see the proof in the pudding!
    check it out :)
    I love yours! x

  4. I also like to use simple blog template, checkout my blog at
    feel free to leave a comment

  5. Ahhh everything you have listed is soo true. Im only a new blogger but am already picking up little peevs! Scared to give you my blog link now!! Great blog, I shall keep popping by!

    Mel x


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