Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Top iPad Apps


After seeing this post I thought I'd like to do my round up of my favourite apps for iPad. I don't really do much productive on and for me it's more of a toy, but there's a few apps I do enjoy.

Have you got any of these and can you recommend any others that you like?


The iPad app for Pinterest is very easy to use. Exactly the same as the web version and maybe a bit more addictive. It's very easy to scroll through and quickly pin bits to your own boards. I'm always looking for new people to follow so comment with your username and I'd love to have a look.

I like how the windows all go on top of one other if you follow links, so you never lose your place.

Need to Speed Hot Pursuit

Probably one of my favourite iPad games. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. I think they have other versions out now. You can play either as the racer or the cop car and race through the different levels to build up your ranking and earn better cars. I've even finished the whole thing twice! And you can play over wifi with someone else who has the game too, I'm still unbeaten...

The Hunger Games Adventures

Another really good one especially if you're a fan of the Hunger Games. It's one of those "come back later and save up some energy" games, to be able to do more actions but there's almost unlimited little quests to complete. You collect objects in order to complete the challenges and make and do bits in your forest filling up your little space with different tools and tables.

Very clever from the makers of the film to keep people interested in the story whilst the films aren't in theaters.

Hay Day

This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure. It's kind of like Farmville but your bits don't wither and there's more tasks to complete to get to the higher levels and unlock more objects.

I also like the way the cows sit with their udders when they're ready for milking...

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  1. I love Pinterest too! I can pin things for hours. :D

    1. Thanks Sandra. Yes I know it's very addictive!


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