Tuesday, 30 April 2013

HBO's Girls

Having recently caught up on this after seeing the frenzy everyone was getting into about the ending of series 2 I decided to watch series 1.

At first I was quite skeptical, a show about 4 single girls in New York is very similar to Sex and the City which I really didn't enjoy and never really have. Although when I first started watching I wasn't too keen but not for all the same reasons I dislike SATC. My main problem with it is that all of the Girls are genuinely unhappy, they are in unhappy relationships with people who aren't nice and don't treat them especially well. I couldn't find one likable character who was going about things in a normal way or that I could relate to.

Hannah stayed with Adam despite him being horrible and expected her parents to foot the bill for her life, Marnie stayed with her boyfriend for far too long despite not liking him very much, Jessa was crazy, sleeping around, travelling and not getting a proper job, Shoshanna however was a tiny bit more down to earth I found, despite her over anxiousness, although she didn't really work and lived on her parents money. My other problem, just as there was in SATC, there is far too much sex and it's importance is so over emphasized.

But as you watch the series despite a constant lack of judgement from all 4 characters they are apologetically and distinctly themselves making you root and care about them none the less. And I suppose good decisions don't make good tv programmes bad ones do!

I think once you get your head around the fact that it should be a comedy not a gritty portrayal of real young 20 something life that you get into it a bit more. Of course there are moments that are amusing and the girls have some great lines.

In terms of the reception of the series this has been huge it has won numerous awards and is generally thought to be a 'spot-on' representation of modern young women. Personally I would disagree - but what do I know?

Does anyone else watch this and what do you think?

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  1. I absolutely love this show. Can't wait for season 3. But as for it being an accurate representation of girls nowadays? Umm, it might be, haha but I wouldn't know. I basically live under a rock compared to these girls.

    Beauty Challenged

    1. I know I saw all the hype saying how accurate and on point it was - but I don't think it is at all. It still has it's moments though!


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