Thursday, 30 May 2013

Revlon Face Illuminator

Revlon Face Illuminator.

I first got this about a month ago and ever since has been a firm favourite and I'm wearing it every day to highlight my face - usually around the 'C' area around each eye.

With illuminators there's always a worry that it was be too glittery making you look like you're on the way to the primary school disco but this has just the right level of subtle shimmer. It's very easy to blend in too and with a quick dab you're ready to run out the door.

The last illuminator I was using was from ELF and despite the two being very similar the former has now gone a bit watery and hard to use. This is more creamy and blends in better for a more subtle effect and the staying power is a lot better throughout the day when used with another make- up setting spray. (I use Mac fix +) I find it helps to highlight my face and bring out my eyes a tiny bit more.

It is multi-purpose although I only use it one place. You can use mix it into your moisturiser or foundation to get an all over glow or bring it down onto your collar bones to highlight them.

Is anyone else liking this as much as me?

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