Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Reading: The Cuckoo's Calling

The Cuckoo's Calling has become quite well known in the media primarily because it was accidentally leaked that the book was written under a pseudonym of JK Rowling who is of course famous world wide for the Harry Potter series.

The book itself is completely a different genre to Harry Potter so is almost impossible to compare. Put simple it's a whodunnit story about Cormoran Strike a private agent who has been hired to investigate the murder of Lula Landry a prolific supermodel who, it has been decided by the investigating police officers, committed suicide.

The protagonist, Cormoran, is an interesting lead character; a war veteran who lost a leg now working in London as a private investigator. He's down on his luck, recently dumped by his girlfriend he's forced to live in his office and his private investigation career isn't going much better with poor finances and very little paid work coming through. This is until he takes on the investigation job paid for by John Bristow, Lula's adoptive brother, who is certain she didn't jump but was instead pushed.

Typical to the genre we're introduced to a variety of different character's who all have their own possible motives for pushing Lula.

The book itself is set in the heart of London which becomes set itself up as a main character in it's own right. All in all the book did for me what you'd want from any 'whodunnit' keeping you turning the pages to see who the killer was and why. It seems like the book is the first in a series so I'm most certainly looking forward to reading the next.

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