Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Beauty Wishlist

I haven't done one of these in while. Maybe... I think... I may have all the makeup I could need... and possibly some more and generally I've been pretty happy with everything I'm using at the moment. I've got high end foundations, blusher, more than enough eye shadow palettes and concealer that does what it's supposed too.
But there's always a couple of extra bits that would be nice to have, here's my latest wish list.
1. Daniel Sandler Invisble Radiance Foundation
I've heard this is a nice light foundation and would be great to lighter make up days on the weekend.
2. Narsissist Make Up Palette
How handy to have all of these three in one place. Useful for on the go!
3. Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Polish
My last nail polish was chipping off the next day. Hopefully something a bit more heavy duty like this might last a bit longer
4. InStyler
I've heard good things and would be a nice quick way to add some volume to the top layer of my hair which tends to go a bit funny. Bring on the swish!
5. Diptyque Candle
I've heard nothing but good things and it's nice to have a nice smell around the place
6. Phwoarr Paint
Both of my concealers are coming to and end and after seeing a few good reviews of this it would be good to get my hands on it

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