Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reading: The Fault In Our Stars

This week I've been reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I decided to read this after hearing about the trailer break on twitter and not wanting to spoil it for myself I made a point of finishing the book quickly before I saw the trailer or anything I didn't want to see popped up in my tumblr or twitter feeds.

Having already read and enjoyed Finding Alaska by the same author I was aware that this was a young adult book with quite a fandom.

Having read the book it does really strike me as young adult, with a young femal protagonist who is designed to appeal to the kind of book-ish girls who are the target market for the book. An introverted quiet girl like Bella Swan who has above average intelligence. Although unlike most of the books millions of readers Hazel has been diagnoses with lung cancer. She no longer attends public school and lives with a canular device up her nose feeding her oxygen and must be tethered to the canister 24:7.

She meets her male counterpart in Augustus at a group support meeting for other young people living with cancer held in her local church. He falls for her immediately and their relationship starts from there. They share their love of literature with each introducing the other to their favourite books. The end of going on a quest to Amsterdam to meet the author of Hazel's favourite book to ask him what happens to the characters.

The characters are praised as being witty and smart, I would agree with this however I felt a lot of the time they could come across as sarcastic and maybe felt they were a bit better than everyone else in their own private club where they spend a lot of time philosophising about the meaning of life, which I suppose you would do if you knew you were doing to die.. Saying that the characters are still likable and the epic love story between them is compelling.

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