Thursday, 24 April 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow Review

During Benefit's brow arch March I was having my eyebrows waxed into a beautiful arch and the lovely woman showing me Benefit's latest eyebrow product, Gimme Brow. I'd seen it online a bit and had already decided that my HD Brows was working fine enough so I didn't need another brow product.

However I was very easily swayed when she showed me how it works. You use the brush, kind of like a tiny mascara brush, to brush your brows in the opposite direction at first and then neatly combed back into place. It works the same way as mascara using little fibres to attach to your own hair to fill out the bits that need filling out.

It comes in two shades it was recommended that I use the lighter as I don't like the look of too dark eyebrows. But if you do it's nice that the option is there or if you're slightly fairer the lighter shade would work too.

I particularly like how it's a more subtle alternative to my HD brows palette which I can sometimes think looks a bit too 'done' for the during the day whereas this is a nice medium as it's a bit more faint.

Has any one else tried gimme brow and what do you think?

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