Wednesday, 30 April 2014

HD Brows Palette

I managed to get my HD Brows palette from the Glamour Beauty Edit box at the end of last year and I definitely haven't regretted it.

The palette contains four pressed powders which can be used on either eyebrows or as eye shadows. There's three different brown shades that could suit the majority of skin tones and a lighter shade to either use as a highlighter around your eyebrows or to brighten up your eyes.

I tend to stick to the one lighter brown shade for my brows as the others tend to be really too dark for me, as you can see I haven't really touched the darkest shade. The powders are really fine and a little goes a very long way so as I don't like my eyebrows to look too heavy I need to make sure I use a light touch with this.

It's really great for adding definition to your eyebrows and you'd be surprised how much of a transformation to tatty un-kept eyebrows to neater more defined ones you get with the powder. You can really use it to create the illusion of a lovingly sculpted arch when really I know my eyebrows are a bit over due for a tidy up.

As you can use it as matte eyeshadow as well the palette is great to take out with you and I'd only ever really use it if I want to go out for the evening after work. It has great staying power and lasts all night too and even when I try to wipe it off before bed it's stubborn.

All in all I can't fault it, I think this is great and would highly recommend!

Has anyone else tried this, would you agree with me?

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