Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I've heard a lot about Seche Vite top coat and have been meaning to get myself a new top coat for a while. Originally I'd thought this was OPI kind of expensive so around £15 for a bottle, but I saw it in Boots for around £8 (and on 3 for 2) so I thought now was the perfect time to give it ago.

I've always hating waiting for my nails to dry and my lack of time means I've not been able to paint my nails as much as I'd like as to wait for them fully to dry you'd need to wait about an hour and not doing anything with your hands which for me is a real struggle!

I've tried this once so far and have been quite impressed. Whilst nothing with a lot of hype around is going to work miracles this was pretty impressive, considering in comparison I've not been using any top coat at all. It really does dry very quickly.

Reading around other people have complained it didn't prevent chipping and your nails still could be dented. But realistically it depends what polish you're putting it on top of that makes the difference, you won't magically convert a cheap nail polish with a good top coat to a premium brand. And if you're putting something wet onto your nails you do need to be careful with them for about half an hour to prevent dents. Although I did find that the seche vite did make these slightly easier to repair.

All in all I'm very happy and would definitely recommend to reduce your drying time and to get an couple of days extra wear out of your polish.

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