Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ombre Before and After

I've had my hair is same style for a very long time now, slowly growing it and growing it to get it as long as I can but earlier in the week I felt like a bit of a change.

I'd always felt like it was best to play it safe and have been a bit cautious that any dyes or treatments would hamper my hairs growth, be difficult to maintain or costly. But having the same hair for years on end is so boring so I thought I would try something new and can always dye it back to my natural colour if I felt like it and colour does tend to fade away after a while.

A salon near my work sent a text about some deals they had on at the moment so I thought I would give dying it a try. I have really like ombre dyed hairs for a while so I did it. I wanted something more blonder than orange on the ends and the picture below is what I got! I also asked for more of a gradual fade than a harsh line which I've seen other people with which I don't think is right for me.

I forgot how long it takes to get your hair dyed, you have to sit with the foils in for about an hour, but I'm very pleased with the result. Take a look at my before and afters below, what do you think?


The only thing I'm worried about now is trying to maintain it. I don't really like to put a lot of effort into my hair on weekdays and rarely fully blow dry it, just twisting it into curls and then leaving it to do this own thing but I think this will take more effort to get it looking nice. I'm also fully prepared with some anti colour fade shampoos and conditioners to keep it looking fresh!

The salon I went to also has the option of coming back for a quick top up or to add some toner which I think I will definitely be taking them up on soon depending how my at home treatments work! They were very nice, and are called Muse of London, have a look at their site here.

I'm not sure if I'll keep it like this forever but for now I'm very happy with it and will wait and see how I feel in the future.

Has anyone else tried the ombre dye and what are the best products to use to keep it looking fresh?

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