Sunday, 19 July 2015

Nailbox : Nails Inc

The NailsInc polish I got in the box
Nailbox kindly send me their latest box for me to take a look at which was nice of them.

You might have seen the ads following you around the web but nailbox is a new subscription box service where they send you a new box every month of new nail polish colours. Which I think is a great idea.

One of the things I like most is that they send you full sizes each time, I hate those mini samples because the brush is too small to get a smooth coat on. The brands I got in my sample box were great too, Essie, Nails Inc (pictured above) and Seche Vite. Considering the whole box normally costs £13 an Essie polish is £8 each and Nails Inc polishes are £11 then it's quite a good deal.

The only thing you might get caught out on is the colours because you don't get to pick them out before hand. For me I know there's certain colours I'd never wear like neon bright green or yellow. But as there would always be at least a couple of colours in the box you're bound to like at least one.

They also promise the colours you get every month will always be on trend and seasonal. I tend to have quite a lot of polishes already so really only buy 'new' colours for the season rather than just colours I like the look of. I'm a sucker for a gimmick with nail polish, If it has new on it I don't think twice!

I haven't signed up the service yet because I've been too busy/lazy to sit and paint my nails recently but I'm planning to do so in the future. What does everyone else think?

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