Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Where I've been : Dubai

As I mentioned in my India post I also added on a few days in Dubai on the way back.

The two destinations are certainly contrasting and seeing both in one trip was great.

Dubai recently has become pretty popular, I seem to be getting emails everyday from holiday companies with deals to travel there for a few days quite cheaply from the UK. What is most tv soap stars and reality tv stars going there a lot too it's becoming a more a more popular place for UK tourists to travel too.

Whilst there certainly isn't as much sight seeing to do in Dubai than during the rest of the trip in India there's still a lot to keep you entertained. Below are some pics of what we got up to on the trip...

Dubai Miracle Garden - A cute garden a bit out of the city with lots of flowers and bits and bobs

Burj Kalifa, the tallest building the world has a fountain show every hour

Aquariums, fountains, waterparks pictures from a typical Dubai trip!
Dubai is certainly a good destination for a great trip outside of Europe because it's basically hot all the time. Michael MacIntyre described it as taking a holiday inside your oven, which is true but everywhere is air conditioned so it doesn't really feel like it. But aside from the buildings and some different shops you'd have a very similar holiday to a big resort in Europe but a longer flight and a bigger bill!

As we rolled our trip into another one it didn't add to the cost that much for us. Our hotel was pretty posh as well, The Jameirah Zabeel Saray, and we seemed to be upgraded to half board rather than B&B which meant we could try out some of the hotel's restaurants and Tuesday was French night at the buffet so we were pretty chuffed. (it's been two months and me and my sister still reminisce about it!)

If you're looking to experience some tradition in Dubai you're in the wrong place, the city is really new so no one is really a Dubai native. But it's a great and somewhat exotic escape from the UK, most deals I see are only for three or four nights but I'd recommend going for a bit longer so you can also have a few days relaxing too.

If you worry about needing to cover up then there's no need. The general rule is no beach wear anywhere other than the beach which you probably wouldn't do anyway, so just wear proper clothes when you're out and about. So no short shorts, strappy/strapless tops or mini skirts, it'd be too cold to wear that indoors anyway. It's also slightly more expensive than the UK for clothes, we unfortunately lost our luggage for a few days so had to buy some clothes while we were out there and H&M/F21 etc. can be about a third more expensive than at home. It was nice to look at some brands you we don't have here though like Sephora, Bed Bath and Beyond and The Cheesecake Factory.

It's definitely nice to experience something different though so I'd say you should go and visit at some point!

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