Friday, 1 April 2016

Travel Necessities

Travelling is always exciting but for me there's a lot of organising you have to do before hand and then particularly long flights can be hard work when you're cooped in such a small space for a whole day as travel around the world.

Especially if your trip had a few different stops where you have to pack up to go elsewhere it can be difficult to keep track of all your stuff. So here's the things I've found that make it easier to travel without losing any of your possessions along the way.
Makes it so much easier to squeeze more stuff into your case. You just roll up all clothes and stuff them it and it's a great space saver. As you go you can move stuff into a clean and dirty cube so you're not confused about what you have and haven't worn. If you're travelling with someone else it's a lot easier to keep your stuff separate too.
Really good at helping you keep your small things in order too especially when you have lot of small, easily lost and important things you want to keep safe. All clear too so you can do as many checks as you need to that you still have your passport without rooting around in a huge dark bag.
Great to just dump all you cosmetics in, that way you know it's all in there somewhere
Really massive so you can fit everything in there
So you can ignore try to blank out a crying baby or arguing couple.

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